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Intensive Driving Schools In Bridlington So You Can Pass Fast

If you want to take an intensive driving course in Bridlington then I have the perfect driving lessons for you, and it is a bit different to what you may expect.
People who have been taking intensive driving lessons in Bridlington have traditionally faired worse when it comes to passing the driving test…but that is a thing of the past.

What usually happens with driving schools in Bridlington is you get a driving instructor taking you for 30 or 40 hours in a week and you trying your luck…yes I did say “luck”.
For me I don’t want to risk your life so what I do is different, increases your chances of passing and makes you safer.

You can  choose to take lessons over 2 weeks or a whole month.
A whole month would consist of lessons Monday to Friday, 2 hours a day and is ideal for the beginner driver.

My 2 week courses are 2 hours in the morning; the same again in the afternoon and you do this over 10 days inside a 2 week period.

To make sure you are safe, before you go to the test you will have passed a mock exam and will be driving without my help, meaning that you can drive and passing the test will not be a fluke.

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