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Driving Test Rescue

It happens, its called life, and from time to time people will fail their driving test. At my driving school I minimise that by making sure you have passed a mock test and are driving without my assistance but if you are failing and failing again…it probably isn’t your fault.

You have already seen why it isn’t your fault and that’s because if you are failing all the time it is because you have not been given and passed a mock test and you are not driving independently. In fact you are allowed “a chance” by the driving instructor to pass their test, but this isn’t about luck and it should not be about their teaching methods.

If you are being allowed to go to driving test to “see if you can pass” then its wrong and it explains why you are failing. I will be brutal here, but you are being allowed to fail by an incompetent driving instructor. They say in business you should not talk or write badly of your competitors but I over step that mark because peoples lives are at risk. 

No one wants to see you fluke the driving test, you have got to be be ready to drive by yourself, all alone, without support, before you go to that driving test and my driving test rescue course will give you just that.

When you phone me I will give you a free consultation which I normally charge £30 for, by the end of our discussion you will have a clear understanding of the true reasons why you are failing and what you need to put to correct that.
The course is 10 hours, if you learn quickly we can use the last 2 hours for the driving test and the course is valued at £300. 

Your first 2 hours consist of an assessment, a written lesson plan and corrective training.
Soon I will have you driving like a pro and ready to pass your driving test.
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