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Driving On Your First Lesson…
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Beginner Driving Lessons In Bridlington

I can’t explain to you how much you are going to love taking driving lessons in Bridlington and due to where you live you will have one of the best learning to drive experiences going. On your first driving lesson you will be driving that is for sure, at first I will take you to a safe and quiet place free of traffic so you can get started. We have a few aims in your first few lessons, one is to practice what it takes to being safe, you can read the homepage about that, and we want to get you driving home by yourself, that really is a big milestone for many. Now Bridlington is actually a great place to learn how to drive, not only do we have the open country roads, but also the town roads and when we are ready the coastal roads. It’s my job to help you become a safe driver, that the only way for you to pass your driving test and your first main challenge is the theory test.
My advice is for you to get this done as soon as you can. It means you are half way to getting your licence and it will help you reduce the number of lessons you need with me in the car. As soon as you have passed the theory test, talk to me about possible practical driving test dates. By using the link on this page you can book your practical test but we need to find a suitable date with my diary and we need to make sure you are going to be ready. So lets go. Pick up the phone and call me today.