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Many Driving instructors will wrongly think that you want driving lessons, but I know what you really want is to pass your driving test. That’s where I come in! I’ve helped hundreds of people, over thousands of hours, realise their dream and gain their freedom and independence. In my 8+ years as a driving instructor I’ve learned the testing process inside out and know the Bridlington and nearby area (that I cover) very well.

When choosing a driving instructor you will want to find one with a style that works for you, get the most out of your time and progress quickly. We are all unique individuals and everyone learns differently. We will work out early on what works best for you.

Good qualities to look for in a driving instructor may seem obvious. Ideally they should be calm under pressure, extremely patient, friendly and good at communicating in a way that you’ll understand. All qualities that I pride myself of possessing.

There isn’t a magic ‘one size fits all’ course because everyone’s needs and personal circumstances are different. If you would like to find out more & discuss options to tailor a plan for you please click here to message or phone me on 07787 524757

  • Beginners
  • Refreshers/confidence building
  • Automatic (in your car)
  • Pass plus
  • Motorways

I look forward to hearing from you,

Ian Stoddard

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