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How To Find The Best Driving Schools in Bridlington

It is not the easiest of tasks to find a driving school in Bridlington, yes there are 100’s to choose from but exactly who are you going to choose and why? It is a bit of a step into the unknown so we are going to help you, and hopefully you will approve of what we have to say and that will make you pick up the phone and give us a call.

What Is Your Goal?

So why are you here? Now many driving instructors will wrongly think it is because you want driving lessons, but that isn’t quite true what you are really here for is a driving licence, but the better answer is “to learn how to be a safe driver so you can pass your driving test”.

There are countless driving schools in Bridlington who will be happy to give you driving lessons every week, allowing you to learn at your leisure, but if the truth is going to be told, I think you need more than that.
Your teachers at school were not just there to let you get on with things, they should have been there to guide you, to show you how to do things the right way, and that’s where I come in.

From your very first driving lesson I’m going to teach you the 4 basic principles of passing the driving test, very few others talk about this because I devised the model myself after watching 100’s of driving tests and speaking to lots of examiners.
On your driving test the driving examiner wants to know if you are safe, that’s fairly obvious, but how do you define safe?

If you casually take lessons every week or so, then you might think being safe is by keeping to the speed limit and not crashing etc, and while you are right it doesn’t cover everything.
Have a read of this…

1. You have to be in control of the car at all times, failure to do so means you are a risk and therefore unsafe.

2. You have to abide by the Highway Code, this keeps you legal but it also covers all the things you would usually consider as being safe such as not speeding, not jumping red lights etc.

3. You have got to be able to see potential hazards and adjust your driving in such a way that you minimise or eliminate the risk.

4. You need to have the mentality of a safe driver.

I think, and I am sure you will agree it will be a great idea if I help you learn these four factors on every skill you develop. It’s going to make you a safe driver, and it will help you become a bit of a natural, so when you come to the driving test you know you have got what it takes to pass.

Making Sure You Pass First Time

Before you go into your driving test you will be the safe driver as we have just defined, but more so. You will have also covered these really important 3 vital steps.

1. You will have completed your learning to drive syllabus, every aspect of learning to drive has been covered and you can do every skill without any assistance.

2. You will have passed a mock driving test

3. You will be driving without the need of any support from your driving instructor.

If you think what I have got to say makes sense, pick up the phone and call me 

I have just passed my driving test 1st time with Ian Stoddard

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I passed 1st Time

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I passed with Ian Stoddard

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Passed my driving test !

Millie Wilkinson

We both passed 1st Time with just 4 driver faults between us (1st Twins!

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Over the moon! Passed today 1st time with Ian!!

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